Analyzing Polls 

Polling is both an art and science. Many pollsters get the science part right, few understand the art or rather the heuristics of true political science. Craig Keshishian has mastered both: on November 5th 2016, in a series of speeches at professional conferences, Craig successfully predicted to 2016 presidential election to the letter.

Political Forecasting

Strong analytics combined with a holistic understanding of political and commercial markets. Redefining election and commercial forecasting for 2020 with modern data mining and proprietary algorithms.

Strategic Forecasting

Provided sufficient time, Mr. Keshishian can offer invaluable strategic forecasting to prepare for enterprise level business decisions.  By understanding the complex underlying data in today's social and economical patterns.

Craig Keshishian

Highly regarded in political circles, Mr. Keshishian delivers accurate and sophisticated poll analysis, election odds and predictions for presidents and prime ministers a like.

Given his background as an academic, technologist and as a CEO / entrepreneur, Mr. Keshishian offers a unique perspective in quantitative analysis.

Alumnus of prestigious Cornell University, Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School and Yale Law School, Mr. Keshishian served on President Reagan's White House polling team early in his career. Mr. Keshishian extended his exemplary career achievements serving as a chief executive, investment strategist, and ground-breaking technologist. He has been granted several U.S. and international patents.

Mr. Keshishian offers quantified, reliable, bi-partisan analysis.

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