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Analyzing Polls

Craig Keshishian no longer conducts and manages polls. Craig now lends his expertise in deciphering poll data.

With a compilation of poll data and voter surveys, Craig will provide you with a detailed analysis of what language and messages to use for your upcoming campaign.

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Political Forecasting

Poll data of previous and recent elections assist in forecasting an upcoming election. However, proper indicators must be utilized to be accurate. Craig Keshishian is one in only two pollsters that accurately predicted the 2016 Presidential elections.

Strategic Forecasting

Understanding voter behavior and reading polls accurately is vital in construing a strategy to reach electoral success. Craig provides strategic forecasting to help you determine whether your election plans will deliver expected outcomes or unforeseen troubles.


Consult with Craig

Craig is a well regarded political consultant and is available for hourly consultation or per project. If you are unsure where to start or need campaign advice, contact Craig to determine how he can best assist you.

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